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"PIF" stands for "Pay It Forward". At PIF2CASH, we have utlized one of the "Secret" Laws of Wealth using a "Pay It Forward" system.

That's not all of the "Secret" Laws of Wealth that we have installed. Our 3 simple rules, ensure the actions necessary for you to obtain and build wealth. Combined together they create an AMAZING opportunity for anyone and everyone.

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Your Sponsor may be able to PIF your way into PIF2CASH, by giving you a position in our $3,000 Matrix!

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Our system provides positions that must be given away to direct referrals. That's YOU!

PIF2CASH is the perfect opportunity for Friends, Family and Partners. You'll finally be able to help them make money online, and it won't cost them a thing!

Make no mistake! PIF2CASH is all about the "Secret" Laws of Wealth. To build wealth, you need to be able to see the potential. Then you have to make a decision that is best for you. PIF2CASH is an affordable online income opportunity. You can work at your own abilities and at your own pace. This helps keep you within your budget and with out monthly requirements. Keeping it simple.

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Our unique and AMAZING program isn't all about the "Pay It Forward" positions. PIF2CASH comes with some simple and basic rules that provide the ability for continuos growth. 3 simple rules that are all about the growth and development of your home business. These are not "tasks" you must be able to perform. There are no special skills required. However, the 3 rules dictate that each person must have a minimum of one direct referral to give PIF positions to.

Turn $27 into $3,000 over and over!

PIF2CASH has an awesome Compensation Plan that can earn you up to $3,000 per position. Not only do you as a member earn $3,000 for each of the positions you have, but you also earn $3,000 from each of the positions your direct referrals have! This includes the PIF positions you give away to those people you select from your direct referrals.

100% Matching Commission!

That's 100% TRUE! Earn up to $3,000 in Matching Commissoins for every position you give away! Plus every position you purchase! The 3 simple rules are based on the Laws of Wealth. It's important for you to get started right away! Yes, you could get a PIF position from your sponsor after joining. This position costs you $0. This is just 1 part of PIF2CASH's system. The 3 rules incorporate the Laws of Wealth and cause growth of your business. This is also the business of 1,000's of people that came before you. Each of them is locked in to the Laws of Wealth because of our 3 simple rules.

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  All PIF Credits must be given
away before you can withdraw.

Before you can put in a request for a withdrawal,
all PIF Credits must have been given away.
Law of Wealth: Use all Budgeted Resources.

  You Must purchase a position in
order to give away PIF positions.

You must have purchased a position the DAY
you intend to give away PIF positions.
Law of Wealth: Invest in yourself before investing in others.

  You Must purchase a position in
order to withdraw funds.

You must have purchased a position the DAY
you intend to withdraw funds.
Law of Wealth: Invest in your business before you profit.


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